The therapeutic benefits of clay

Creating an intergenerational 'playground' for relaxation, fun and self-expression with the least amount of financial barriers for our beneficiaries as possible.

We are no longer fundraising to the pilot of this project, you can find out why at the bottom of the page.

The clay project is currently in the pilot stage and is run as part of our monthly Freestyle Workshops.
If it proves popular, additional workshops outside of the freestyle ones will be added.
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Advance booking is not always required unless stated.

In an article, written by Dr Lynne Souter-Anderson, she states: "Clay Therapy enable communication when problems are hard to put into words."

Jo-Ann Finkelstein Ph.D. prepared seven unexpected ways in which clay is therapeutic and "transforming yourself one squish at a time."

Air dry clay vase with artificial flowers

Tactile gratification - Even a light touch of clay leaves an imprint. Our ability to make an impact, to transform something, is unmistakable when working with clay. Perhaps, during that transformation, we are reshaping grief, guilt, memories etc. In changing parts of ourselves, we gain a sense of value and of possibility.
Holistic experience - Creating with clay is a physical-sensual- mental experience. The physicality and limitless potential for creativity engages fine motor skills, vision and imaginations.
Conscious and unconscious expression - Making art and being creative is an extension of ourselves. Through creativity, both our conscious and unconscious ideas and desires are expressed.
An antidote to the culture - We live in a culture that idealises fast, easy and convenient. We wonder why we're anxious and then seek out quick fixes that often don't last. Working with clay means you take your time because the process can't be rushed.
Release of aggression - Work getting your own? School driving you crazy, the dog peed on the carpet? The thing with clay is, you can beat it, slam it, and even stab at it and it it unlikely to be ruined. Even when dried, the gratification of breaking it brings enormous satisfaction.
Meditation - Many artists described clay as a way of 'getting out of their heads and into their bodies.'
Community - Whilst pottery / clay work is usually a solitary project, people often attend workshops or classes, side-by-side and form a community.

Invest Local Ynysowen

Thank you to Invest Local Ynysowen

With help from Invest Local Ynysowen, we have reached our goal of starting the Clay series of projects. We will be starting small but, should the prove popular, we will be increasing the amount of workshops available for this.

Please note, the clay we will be using is air drying and polymer clay and is not the same as kiln fired clay projects

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