Dot Mandala

examples of dotted artwork

Taff Rocks offers both Mandala classes and dot art workshops.

But dot mandalas and dot art might not be the same, but they do offer the same therapeutic properties.

The beauty of mandala painting goes beyond the mesmerising colours and dots; the technique of mandala painting, rooted in a rich history, is also proven to relax the body and mind. 

Mandala art first appeared in the 4th century in India inside Buddhist monasteries. Buddhist monks created mandalas because the meditative process helped train their minds to become more enlightened.

Similarly, today, mandala art making is a great activity for those of us looking to unwind through the artistic process. 

It is considered to be a therapeutic art process and reflects the artist’s "soul". The mandala’s purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones which is an integral part of the power of creativity.

This is the magic of art, which can convert anything into pure beauty. The mandala dot art patterns can be done on any sized canvas, terracotta plates, coasters, pebbles, trays and so on. The paintings can be used as gifts, home décor, wall hangings, fridge magnets, etc

Dot mandala paintings are done with the technique of pointillism. Thousands of coloured dots on canvas makes an outcome.

All mandalas are arranged into "sections" that are all organised around a single, central point. Taff Rocks offers classes, spread of two days at three hours each, which will enable you to gain the knowledge and skills required to complete your own.

If you are interested in any of our classes, why not drop us a message here or have a look at our online diary

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