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Volunteering Opportunities Currently Available

Taff Rocks is growing day-by-day and year-by-year, as a positive consequence, a number of opportunities have become available for Taff Rocks members and other members of our communities.

Most of our work is extremely informal, but there are some attributes in an individual that are essential to the role you are interested in. As a volunteer, you will be dealing with the public and other trustees, the ability to work as part of a team is essential. Donation handling, cash or electronic transactions, are also a part of our work, in-house training is given on these.

Please check out all the opportunities we currently have available.

Book Nook Librarian

Opportunity brief:
You’ll ensure that the Book Nook runs smoothly and all beneficiaries are happy with our service. Also, some important librarian tasks you’ll undertake include developing, organising, and updating library records, which are available online.
Endurance and patience is also a must, as you’ll often handle multiple duties at the same time, for instance, showing people how to use the resources database or updating the information system.

Oversee the Book Nook to ensure order, and protection of the Book Nook's resources.
Develop and organise library inventory.
Conduct regular checks and updates the database information.
Publish and update content on the Book Nook's Social Media account on Facebook
Organise activities and promotional events (e.g. children’s storytelling, author readings, etc.)
Manage library resources by sourcing and collecting new books etc
Managing the Book Nook's email address and Facebook Page

Responsible to:
Board of trustees

Requirements and Skills:
Familiarity with Microsoft Excel - Essential
Good organisational skills - Essential
Effective communication - Essential
Ability to multitask - Essential
A patient and friendly personality - Essential
Previous volunteering experience - Desirable 
The ability to speak and understand Welsh - Desirable 

Dates and Times:
First Tuesday of every month, unless otherwise stated, at Smyrna Chapel, Aberfan Road, Aberfan. from 3.30 until 5.30pm
Flexible additional times and days to be discussed with a 'work from home' option, excluding above - 2 to 6 hours per week.

Hourly Rate:
This is a voluntary opportunity, expenses only

Trustee required for Taff Rocks

Please follow this link for more details on this opportunity and register your interest

Workshop and class assistant to the facilitator

Opportunity brief:
Our current volunteers are mainly some of the trustees, there are occasions when we need additional assistance with these events. These events can be at Smyrna Chapel, Aberfan or out in the community for an outreach project.
The opportunity will require the ability to travel to outreach projects, assistance with setting up and cleaning away. Assisting the main facilitator during the workshop by giving of information to help beneficiaries with their project, highlighting the work being carried out by Taff Rocks, giving information about upcoming events and guiding beneficiaries to the Charity's website and socials.
The opportunity would suit an individual who enjoys interacting with members of the community in addition to encouraging and supporting the development of beneficiaries confidence and skills

Assisting the facilitator with setting up and clearing away materials and resources
Be an information resource for beneficiaries, answer questions about their own project, Taff Rocks and other events.
Help adults and children, of varying abilities, to create the best work of art they can.

Responsible to:
Event facilitator
Board of trustees

Requirements and Skills:
Experience of dealing with the public. - Essential
An artistic flair - Desirable 
Previous volunteering experience - Desirable
Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills. - Essential
The ability to speak and understand Welsh - Desirable 
Able to attend evening and weekend events - Essential (by prior arrangement)
Be able to demonstrate a positive and enthusiastic attitude. - Essential
A patient and friendly personality - Essential
Be part of the volunteer's WhatsApp group (where shout-outs are made) - Essential

Dates and Times:
Flexible, as and when required, with notice. Events generally run for three hours with availability for setting up and clearing away being 30 minutes either side.

Hourly Rate:
This is a voluntary opportunity, expenses only

Fundraising activity sub-committee member

Opportunity brief:
To be part of a sub-committee or group that has ideas for opportunities, arranging and advertising activities. This committee can have a chair, secretary etc or can be run as an informal group, a 'Friends of Taff Rocks' group.
Some cash handling experience and co-ordination would be an advantage but most of the Taff Rocks finances and carried out online via donation platforms and bank transfers. 
In the first instance, you will be required to create the sub-committee with interested parties, this activity will be fully supported by the trustees. We will assist you with the gathering of volunteers, who decide how the sub-committee will be created.

Determining ideas and development for fundraising in the community
Arranging fundraising activities in the community
Feeding back to the trustees (one trustee will be available for advice)
Arranging sub-committee meetings - either in person (at Smyrna) or online via Skype or Teams
Maintain meeting minutes and send them to the board of trustees
To be responsible for creating and maintaining key relationships with supporters and community members

Responsible to:
Sub-committee delegated Chairperson or lead volunteer
Board of trustees

Requirements and Skills:
To identify potential fundraising activities.
To assist with and prepare fundraising marketing materials
To gather the feedback of all involved with the activities and involve others in fund raising activities
Arrange and attend meetings
Write the minutes of meetings and forward them to the board of trustees
To use appropriate ICT technology to carry out these duties 
Flexibility will be required in relation to working hours as some meetings may occur during the weekends or after 5pm
Able to establish effective working relationships, as part of a team
Some knowledge of the local community would be an advantage.

Dates and Times:
Upon creation of the fundraising sub-committee, these will be determined by your committee

Hourly Rate:
This is a voluntary opportunity, expenses only

Assistant Mould Caster

Opportunity brief:
Taff Rocks creates its own mouldings for the Mandala Classes and other such requirements. 

This opportunity will shortly become available

Ynysowen Events & Socials - Committee members required

Supporting Ynysowen Events and Social with this 'advertisement'.
If you're interested and want to find our more, read the full advert here

Registered office:

Smyrna Chapel Community Hall,
Aberfan Road, Aberfan,
Merthyr Tydfil CF48 4QN

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Charity Registration
  • Taff Rocks is registered in England and Wales as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Registered Charity Number: 1192749

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