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Our updated logo

In preparation for the sixth anniversary of the very beginning of Taff Rocks in August 2018, it's time we updated our logo to reflect how we have grown over this time.

It's the same, but different!

Why not have a look at our timeline to date, you'll find it at the bottom of this page.

Why have we updated our logo?

When Taff Rocks first came into being, we were all about the rocks. Our logo reflected this with the 'instructions' of what to do with the rocks:

  • Find them or
  • Create stunning works of rock art for sharing.
  • Share them, especially on our social media pages so the artists can watch them travel and keep up with their progress.
  • Hide them so others can find them to keep or reshare.
  • Repeat. As simple as the instruction was, and still is, just keep  on repeating the process for you and others to enjoy

As time has moved on, our repertoire has increased somewhat. We're not just about the rocks anymore, but it remains our core activity.

With this in mind, our trustee responsible for the logo, nagged our graphics dude for a little update. Over time, we had lost originals when transitioning from one PC to the next, but we knew he had them all.

Our graphics dude still wishes to remain anonymous, but we remain thankful to him every day. 

With just a little honest jiggery-pokery, he cleared out the old text and created the new, slimline, all-encompassing text that you can see on the image on the right shown below. We have kept it basically the same, but different. We still wanted the original stone at the centre because, after all, this was the first rock created by Taff Rocks and was aptly named our 'launch rock'. We are also pleased to say that this rock is still in our possession! It's never left Taff Rocks HQ.

Our updated logo now includes:

  • Paint, because we now paint more than just rocks
  • Pour, because our creative workshop now includes paint pouring.
  • Dot, because we drive you 'dotty'. Not really but we have, for some time, run freestyle dot art workshops as well as Mindfulness Mandala classes
  • Create, isn't that what it's all about? Creating memories, creating works of rock art, creating beautiful works of art wherever we go and with whoever benefits from what we do.
Taff Rocks Logos

On the left, the original 2018 logo.
On the right, the updated 2024 logo.

What about our old logo?

Well, we can't just ignore it! It covered our core activity. Which means that, whilst we will be moving over to our new logo, we may still be using our old logo. It has a special place in our hearts. 

You will still find our previous logo on various posters and other branding for some time, we will still be using it if the material is in circulation so there will be a transition period but, we remain loyal to the words on the logo.

Our timeline to date

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Our 'launch rock' was created and the Facebook group went live in July, with the 'official launch' of Taff Rocks on August 1st 2018.

Taff Rocks logo

Our constitution to become a not-for-profit community organisation was prepared in the March of this year and was signing shortly after.

In this year, we successfully gained a small grant from Invest Local Ynysowen to start running rock painting workshops in our local community.

Taff Rocks logo

August 2019
To celebrate our first anniversary, we released our International Kindness Header image. This was an image with all the rocks from around the world from people who wished to participate. We did this to show how far we had travelled, well, your rocks had travelled.
Each rock was created by a different rock artist with no duplicate artists!

We have: T from England; A from Wales; the first F from the USA; the second F from England; R from Wales; O from Australia; C from England; K from the USA and S from Wales.

We are pleased to let every artist know that each of these works of rock art remain in safe storage at Taff Rocks HQ and have never been set free for travelling.

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With COVID affecting everyone, us included, we gained funding, once again from Invest Local Ynysowen plus funding from the National Lottery Awards for All grant, to help our local community with workshops and another round of crafting supplies to their door, well, their garden gate. These funding pots took us over the threshold to continue as an unincorporated organisation so we needed to register as a CIC or CIO, we felt a CIO was closer to our hearts.
We gained Charitable status in December 2020

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With COVID still affecting us all, we continued to support our local community with a second 'round' of craft bags using funding from Invest Local Ynysowen and permission for a budget variance from the national Lottery.

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June 2021
We were successful in our grant application from the Arnold Clark Community Fund to start much needed mindfulness activities. In the June, we ran our first every Mindfulness Mandala Class. We ran a few this year around the county borough of Merthyr Tydfil to help with an additional aspect to their self care tool kits. 

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We needed a home! 
Taff Rocks was successful in their bid for the lease of the former Smyrna Chapel, which can be found on Aberfan Road, Merthyr Tydfil. 
Our resources had outgrown all our personal spaces and we needed somewhere to go, store it all and run from.
This lease was for a three year period, just to see if this worked for us and, to our rescue, came Invest Local Ynysowen with funding as many grant-giving bodies would not fund us with such a short term lease.

We moved in and opened to the public in the April of 2022 and have not looked back!

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September 2022
Having a new home meant that we could go full steam ahead with increasing our repertoire of activities.
To enable our Mandala students to increase their skills, we started exclusive freestyle dot art workshops

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December 2022
Increasing our repertoire of activities continued with our Festive Window Painting techniques workshops


We maintained our community involvement with collaborations and support of various other organisations in Merthyr Tydfil.

Also in 2023, thanks again to the amazing team at Invest Local Ynysowen, we were granted funding to start clay workshops. These workshops include air-drying clay and polymer clay. They don't travel very well so taking them away from Smyrna can be troublesome, but we welcome anyone through our doors to enjoy them


What about 2024?
Well, the updated logo for one.
As for the rest, watch this space!

Registered office:

Smyrna Chapel Community Hall,
Aberfan Road, Aberfan,
Merthyr Tydfil CF48 4QN

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Charity Registration
  • Taff Rocks is registered in England and Wales as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). Registered Charity Number: 1192749

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